• January 4, 2017

What is the Best Garden Watering System for You?

What is the Best Garden Watering System for You?

When life gets busy or you’re away from home, installing a simple, automated watering system is an easy way to ensure your plants get watered. So how do you choose the best garden watering system for you?

The best design for an irrigation system will apply the precise amount of water required by each plant so there is no single irrigation system that will suit every different residential garden. To get the best watering system for your garden, it is the planning and design process that will determine its success.

At Aqualight we believe that by planning ahead with a good design strategy, you can implement an irrigation system that uses water responsibly as well as allowing your garden to flourish.

best garden watering system

Know Your Garden

Consider your garden’s soil type and climate. Note all the different areas of planting such as lawn, flower beds, hedges, vegetable gardens and fruit trees and whether they are densely or sparsely planted. Different parts of your garden will need different amounts of water, dictating different design approaches and irrigation products.

Calculate the Water Requirements

Once you have an understanding of each plant’s water requirements you can decide how often you’ll run your watering system and calculate the number and type of emission devices needed.

Lay out the System

The garden can now be broken up into different watering areas with an automatic irrigation controller to control the watering frequency to best suit each individual area. Choose the components that best fit your needs from mains powered controllers to battery controllers, Wi-Fi controllers and tap timers, pop-up sprinklers, micro sprayers and dripline systems.

At Aqualight we specialise in the design and installation of irrigation systems with the best emission devices and appropriate spacing, pressure, flow rate and filters for your garden.

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