• June 2, 2017

Watering Green Walls

Watering Green Walls

Living green walls and vertical gardens will optimise your garden space in an eye-catching way. They are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial spaces and home gardens. Vertical gardening can take a number of different forms from hanging baskets to wall mounted systems. But keeping a vertical garden looking its best month after month takes special care, especially when it comes to irrigation.

Consider these watering tips:

If you just direct a spray of water from the top to the bottom of a green wall you risk the top plants getting too little water while the ones at the bottom drown. At the very least, the plants at the top and bottom are likely to grow at different rates.

For plants growing in vertically mounted boxes or frames, it’s worth removing the box from the wall to water it. With the box flat on the ground, water it slowly but lightly – enough to completely moisten the soil and roots.

Hanging baskets can be left in place while you water them as long as drainage is not a problem. Simply place other pots and planters directly below your baskets so they can benefit from the excess water or collect it in a bucket to feed to other plants. Moulded plastic baskets hold moisture better than woven baskets.

Some wall mounted planting systems may be able to incorporate their own irrigation systems. Ask the team at Aqualight for any garden irrigation advice but otherwise use the finger test to ensure that the plants’ roots are not drying out. Water or adjust the irrigation schedule as needed and don’t be tempted to mist wall gardens in between watering sessions. Shallow watering encourages shallow root growth and it’s better to encourage the roots to grow downwards.

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