• March 6, 2017

Top Lawn Watering Tips

Top Lawn Watering Tips

How is your lawn handling the dry summer weather? There are many factors including grass type, soil, sun and wind that can affect a lawn’s performance but get the level of watering right and you’ll help your lawn survive summer healthy and intact.

Under watering and over watering can both be damaging to your lawn but a general rule to keep in mind is that turf grasses do better when they’re managed on the dry side. A daily sprinkling can cause more harm than good. It encourages shallow roots that are more susceptible to heat stress. Also, soil that is constantly wet can increase the risk of disease.

Instead, it’s best to water deeply but not too often. A deep watering that penetrates into the soil will wet the entire root zone. This practice encourages a deeper, stronger root system, and a more drought resistant lawn.

Don’t be tempted to water again until the grass is dry. Watch out for changing grass colour to tell you when your lawn is thirsty. If the blades are yellowing, wilting or browning then give your turf a drink.

It’s best to irrigate your lawn early in the day or during the evening. If you water in the heat of the day, the moisture can be lost through evaporation. If you water at night, the moisture can sit on the leaves and increase the risk of disease.

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