• July 9, 2019

Show Off Your Garden at Night with These Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Show Off Your Garden at Night with These Outdoor Lighting Techniques

If you work hard to keep your Auckland garden in a gorgeous condition, it’s understandable that you’d want to show off your efforts, day and night. It can feel like your garden disappears when the sun sets, but it doesn’t have to. Well-designed outdoor lighting can show off colour and texture while creating an intriguing environment that only nightfall can bring.

Here are some outdoor and garden lighting techniques that the professionals at Auckland-based Aqualight Irrigation use to bring evening gardens to life.

Up Lighting

In this technique, you place lights on the ground and angle them up towards the plants in question. This popular garden lighting techniques is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show off your garden at night and can be as subtle or bold as you want it to be. Keep in mind that a light source from below isn’t something you’d find in nature, so it can create an artificial – albeit dramatic – feel to your garden.

Cross Lighting

Using two or more lights whose glows intersect can illuminate your garden gently, show off plants without flooding the garden and create intriguing shadows. Make sure the lights cross before they reach the plant you want illuminated for a more natural and aesthetically-pleasing look.


If you’re the type of Auckland person who loves a dramatic garden, silhouetting is for you – simply placing a light next to a plant and towards a wall of the house can create a beautiful profile. This is particularly attractive for distinctive plants with unusual leaves or twisting branches. Make sure to hide the light source behind the plant or in the ground for the full effect.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is more natural, mimicking the sun by lighting plants from above. You can use large floodlights or scatter various smaller lights around the garden ceiling. You can leave the light source as is or create muffled, gentler light by covering it with a shade cloth. Downlighting is both helpful for creating natural-looking light and illuminating garden pathways or steps for a safe outdoor area.

Moon Lighting

There’s nothing like a full moon in the Auckland skyline. If you want to mimic this effect in your garden, hang a single, soft-glowing light source from above. When placed high enough that it is not a focal point in itself, this lighting technique acts like a bright moon filtering down through the leaves and plants below.

Pathway Lighting

And if you want to keep the garden dark but illuminate outdoor areas and pathways so you can see where you are going, there are plenty of pathway lighting options for this too. You can use string lights or LED pavers, under-step lighting or outdoor lamps.

Want some help getting your Auckland garden lighting just so? Give the irrigation and garden lighting experts at Aqualight Irrigation a call today – 0800 757 577.

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