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Lighting Effects
garden lighting

The idea of pathway and step lighting is to create interest and a desire to ‘go and see’ what is further down the trail. There are various ways of achieving this by using low level lighting or raised to reveal more detail. Another good reason for this is to make the walkway safe.


Uplighting can be achieved in various ways by placing a light at ground level. Two effective ways are by placing the light at the base of a tree to wash up the trunk into the canopy or to illuminate a garden building.


By placing a light in the water it can produce some wonderful effects. Moving water is especially appealing with every ripple being enhanced by the light. Fish ‘crossing’ the beam of light produces flashes of colour and shadow.

Using the light in the water to focus on a fountain or feature is also possible and helps to keep the light fitting concealed in the water. The other major reason for lights in and around water is the reflections that can be produced by using the water surface as a natural mirror.

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