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Outdoor Lighting FAQ

Depending on your budget copper and stainless steel are your best options. Powder coated aluminium lights are cheaper but will corrode eventually. Aqualight will run you through the options to suit your budget.

Yes we install a 12V transformer and run 12V cable through your garden to operate lights. This is completely safe as 12V is low voltage.

A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through conductors known as the transformer’s coils.  In simple terms it converts high voltage to low voltage. For garden lighting power is switched from the house into the transformer at 230V and out at 12V.

If you are wanting 230V flood lights you will not need a transformer but remember because this is 230V current you have to bury the cable in conduit 600mm deep to comply with the councils rules and regulations. If you install a transformer you can run 12V low voltage cable usually only 100mm deep just under the surface.

Transformers come in different sizes from 50W to 400W, and depending on what size bulbs we are using (20,35,50W) we have lots of options.

Let say you want to install 10 lights with 20W bulbs ( 10 X 20= 200). We would recommend a 200VA Transformer (200W).

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