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Irrigation Systems


Our Auckland irrigation specialists design, supply and install automatic systems that will look after the watering requirements for your garden, lawn and turf and give you back the time you would otherwise be watering by hand. What’s more – we will probably make a better job of it!

We specialise in pop up sprinklers, drip irrigation and other efficient and cost-effective irrigation system solutions for lawns, gardens and turf. We supply the full range of Hunter Irrigation products.


An effective irrigation system will help protect the investment in your garden and lawn and what is more important, buying you extra hours in the week. Effective watering through irrigation will also help conserve water and therefore help the environment and save you money.

Regular watering is essential for any garden and lawn and helps maintain it’s health and appearance. Gardens are expensive to establish and need sufficient watering. What is more, gardens will not flourish and may die from a lack of water, incorrect watering or over-watering.

We cannot rely on the Auckland climate to provide the right quantities of water at the right time. Therefore, having the best irrigation system possible is essential in order to achieve a lush green garden and to ensure greater reliability.

If you do live in the Auckland region and are seriously considering an irrigation system or automatic sprinkler system, please get in touch with us. We look forward to presenting you with the right solution to your needs.

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