• February 8, 2017

Irrigation Provides Greater Reliability

Irrigation Provides Greater Reliability

Using automated irrigation systems has many positive effects – for you, your garden, and as a  way of saving water. Irrigation systems make distributing water to your gardens easier and more reliable because they meter water volumes more precisely.

Irrigation can be set up to automatically deliver the right amount of water to the right plants when they need it, stopping and starting exactly as required. You no longer have to do it all manually.

When irrigation is set up with timing systems it is easy to operate it at night, minimising water loss from evaporation. You can also rely on an automated irrigation system to continue watering when you’re spending time away from home.

Irrigation comes into its own when it’s properly installed to distribute water to the garden and lawn in different zones. Each zone includes plants with similar water needs allowing for a very efficient reliable irrigation process.

If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of a quality irrigation system, talk to specialists like the experienced Auckland based irrigation experts at Aqualight. The team at Aqualight will design and install reliable irrigation systems for the home lawn and garden, saving you time and money as well as supporting healthy plants.

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