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Irrigation FAQ

That will depend on the type and size of system you are looking for. A fully automatic system with a controller and rain sensor, including installation start around $2,000. We can however use tap timers for a cheaper option.

An automatic system uses water more effectively and spreads more evenly, as such it is more economical to run. However if you decide to apply more water then it will cost more.

Rain sensors are normally installed which switch off the system when it is not required making sure your garden is not over-watered or you waste water.

Yes; every customer’s requirements vary. Aqualight specialise in tailor made designs to meet your requirements.

Irrigation systems generally require an annual service, if left much longer it can cost more in the long run. When we service your system we check for blocked nozzles, clean filters, plant growth etc.

Aqualight will offer a free obligation quote.

It depends on your garden, dripline is better suited for hedges, large trees and rows of planting. The benefit of dripline is that it is underground.

It however uses more water as you need to run it for longer. Spray on the other hand is more suitable for herbacious and subtropical gardens as well as shrubs. It gives even coverage and uses less water.

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