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April 2017

Irrigating Living Walls

Green walls are an increasingly popular feature on commercial buildings and in domestic urban gardens. A vertical garden is a great use of space and can substantially increase the planting area in a small garden or roof terrace. However, keeping the plants well irrigated is not always easy.

Putting up a green wall is not like buying wallpaper. Particular skills are needed and as vertical greening becomes more popular and the palette of plants increases, getting the irrigation right is a key issue. North facing installations in particular, risk overheating and plants can suffer if watering is intermittent.

Irrigating Living Walls

To ensure success irrigation should be treated as an integral part of the green wall. One effective method is to fix irrigated planting modules to a frame allowing water to flow from cell to cell and panel to panel within the wall. Automatic timers can be used while sensors measure the humidity and the temperature in the air.

Get the irrigation right and your green wall will not only bring charm and life to a featureless facade, it will create its own ecosystems and even improve air quality.

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