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Increased Awareness Leads to More Demand for Garden Irrigation Systems

Increased Awareness Leads to More Demand for Garden Irrigation Systems

There are numerous benefits associated with having an irrigation system installed in your garden area. The past few years has seen an increase in the awareness of how irrigation systems operate, particularly in Auckland and this is reflective of the number of home owners choosing the automatic watering system over the manual alternative.

Pop up sprinkler

An automatic water irrigation system not only saves you time but is also a more effective solution than manually watering your garden, being that more than 50% of water applied manually tends to go to waste through run-off and evaporation. Automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to operate at night when evaporation levels are low.

Your garden is an asset of the home that you invest time and money into, whether it be for the purpose of growing flowers, fruit trees or a vegetable garden. With your automatic timer, you ensure that watering your garden takes place at a time that suits you, your landscape and the climate you live in. You can also head away on business or holiday for days or weeks knowing that you are going to come back to an impressive, thriving garden.

Most garden irrigation systems have rain sensors too, meaning that your gardens aren’t being over watered. One of the most beneficial aspects of an irrigation system is the improved growth that is achieved. Through a garden irrigation system, your plants, crops, lawns and flowers are watered with smaller volumes of water over a longer period of time, which means for faster growth.

If you live in the Auckland region and are contemplating having a garden irrigation systems installed, get in touch with Aqualight, providers of garden irrigation Auckland wide.

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Auckland Home Owners Turn to Garden Lighting for Enhanced Beauty

Auckland Home Owners Turn to Garden Lighting for Enhanced Beauty

Auckland home owners are spending more on their gardens than ever before as they look to add more value, beauty and a sense of character to their properties.

Flood Lighting

One of the fastest growing features of a residential garden today is garden lighting, something that has been identified as an effective means to enhancing the beauty of a garden and gaining greater appreciation of the time, effort and money invested. For many Auckland property owners, the coming of darkness means the end of admiring the garden for the day, however the addition of garden lighting has allowed their much treasured gardens to bloom at night as well. When planning your outdoor lighting layout, it’s important to consider all aspects of surroundings, including plants, trees, paths, fences, driveways, steps and decks, for they all contribute to the overall scheme.

Aqualight has designed and installed garden lighting in Auckland for several years and understands what is required to create a truly desirable ambiance and warm and beauty, no matter how big a scale involved. Perhaps their biggest objective of their garden lighting concepts is to ensure that all emphasis is on the best features of the garden, allowing key plants, trees and other features to come to life in hours of darkness. There are various outdoor lighting options to choose from when it comes to your Auckland property. Down lighting is commonly used for lighting up walkways and driveways and can easily be concealed within existing plants.

Another alternative is to use low-voltage garden lights with a small lamp post design. However, if you’re wanting to add night time drama to your garden surrounds, then up-lighting is the way to go. Placing up-lighting next to a wall and pointing upwards creates a wonderful effect. If you are wishing to create a silhouette of an object such as a plant, you should place it behind the light. Alternatively, you can produce shadows by moving the garden light towards the front of a plant or other garden feature.

Garden lighting not only adds warmth and beauty to your outdoor surrounds, but it also provides security. Lighting pathways is becoming more and more popular in Auckland as it makes approach around the property for visitors and the home owner safer and also helps accentuate the flow of the property.

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